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Vintage Photographs

We would like to use your vintage photographs on this page.  If you have photographs you would like the world to see, please scan in photos and send an email to and attach your pictures (send only one or two pictures per email).  In your email, please state (for each picture):

  • Each persons full name

  • Location where photograph was taken

  • Date (or approximate date)


All vintage photographs donated will be put into a database of photos by surname and subject.  Members are be allowed to copy/download these photos for their personal (non-commercial) family history use at no charge.  These photos are for non-commercial use only.  Permission should be requested and granted before using any of these photographs for commercial use or for use on ANY website (other than the photo submitter's website).

(All pictures remain the exclusive property of the submitters and permission to use must be granted by them.  We have used the picture here with their permission.  To obtain permission for a particular photo, send an email to the webmaster to get the contact information for the photo's submitter.)


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