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Genealogy Tutorial

Genealogy is a study of your family's history. It's a great opportunity to learn about your family, your ancestors, and maybe even uncover some long lost mysteries. You'll find once you start you can't stop. You got bitten by the BUG!!!

Suggestions for the Beginner

  • Start with yourself.

  • Document what/where you've found your information.

  • Check if others are researching that line of the family.

  • Talk to your "older" family members.

  • Record findings on standard forms or computer programs

Suggested Computer Programs

  • Family Tree Maker

  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

  • Reunion (Apple/Mac)

  • Master Genealogist

  • Roots Magic

  • Gramps

Sources to Check for Answers

  • Marriage Records

  • Death Records

  • Family Bibles

  • Local cemetery records/lists

  • Obituaries

  • Civil War veterans

  • Census Records (Federal,

  • State, & Foreign) 1790 - 1930

  • Early settlers' history and photographs

  • Queries & Biographies

  • Museums

  • News and events

  • And Much, Much More

Suggested Websites

Check out the ICMGS brochure.


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