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Genealogical material can be found in the Iron County Historical Museum in Caspian.  There the emphasis is on Iron County families, photos and history.

Among the Museum's collections:

  • Obituaries

  • Yearbooks

  • Microfilm of early newspapers:

    • Diamond Drill

    • Iron River Reporter

    • Iron County Reporter

  • Family Trees and Biographical files

  • History of organizations, schools, and businesses

  • Miscellaneous collections of residents

The West Iron District Library Genealogical Collection has reference books on research as well as some items that circulate, histories from neighboring counties as well as other parts of MI and the United States, and atlases.

The ICMGS exchanges Newsletters with other groups and these are on file in the library's genealogy collection.  It is helpful to learn more about an area of the country where an ancestor may have lived so check these out for clues and information.

Currently a researcher can access the Library (Pro-Quest) edition, which allows you to search not only United States records, but those in the UK and Canada.


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